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Breakout Session-Box forex-index-intraday.com
downloads from over 170 countries
  • spread displayed as an additional box
  • verify the effectiveness of indicators
  • periods adaptable to trading habits
  • 5 boxes are individually adjustable
  • can be used as break-out boxes
  • 5 preset profiles outbreak
  • 4 preset session profiles
  • GMT-Shift
MQL5 buy- Break-Out-Box forex-index-intraday.com

Manual 2019 - download here:

Momentum - Solo


Momentum solo forex-index-intraday.com

Momentum-Solo, a simple strength Informer

  • MACD-filter
  • PSAR-filter
  • correlation-filter
  • close to trend-filter
  • no cross-over signal
  • ma-filter, ma-channel-filter
  • signal after close, no repaint
  • alert / send email / push-notification 
  • screenshot


  • timeframes M5 to D1
  • all Instruments possible
  • several periods of sideways movement will be hidden
  • send custom email header and content (to your Blog?)
  • involve one or two other correlating Instruments as a filter
  • the indicator will inform about strength in the appropriate direction
  • switch to strong Momentum / higher probability in non-trend situations
  • it is based on a minimum candle size and candle body in relation to the ATR
  • all Filters are based on movering averages and if you like MACD, no complecated Oscillators

Important rule

  • looking on a higher timeframe for an instrument with an obvious upcoming movement in a clear direction
MQL5 buy- momentum-solo for 89 forex-index-intraday.com

Update Vers. 19.3

  • high- or low- Price of the Momentum-Candle will be send in all alerts: alert, send email, push-notification, screenshot;
  • if you want, default is off = no Price will be send to any alert;
  • example: AUDUSD, H1 1.Arrow => up 0.71046 Demo-Accou...

Update Vers. 19.51

  • here comes the best Momentum-Solo update for a long time, ready settings via menu to trading-strategies from my pages,

    • 4. (moving average) ctt MA-Filter
    • close to trend Line moved to ctt-settings
    • added "Profil-menue"
    - 200 sma
    - 200 sma / 50 sma crossover
    - 8, 13, 20 ema
    - 12 ema-Channel, no cross-over
    - 12 ema-Channel, shift 36
    - 10, 50 ema - 200 sma
    - H4 60 ema h/l, close to Trend 0, 60ema
    - H1 60 ema h/l, close to Trend 0, 20ema

Demo-Post live from Metatrader4

GER30, H4 4. Arrow => down 12314.4 Demo-Account, Demo-Settings, no Signal! 2019.7.17. 16:30:0 https://forex-index-intraday.com https://clausforex.com/ Copyright © 2019, your name

Description-list for all parameters

Parabolic Sar plus

Parabolic-Sar plus 

Momentum solo forex-index-intraday.com

Parabolic-Sar plus

  • Trend-Filter
  • MA, MA-Channel (high / low)
  • alert, push-notification, arrows, send email


  • Signal after closing price
  • no crossover signal
  • no repaint
  • best time frame: H1
  • all major forex pairs
  • individual e-mail header

Important rule

  • instrument with an obvious upcoming movement in a clear direction on a higher timeframe only
  • entry after an arrow => waiting for the pull back or wait for a second higher / lower candle, plus / minus a few pips.
  • alternative entry: the last point of the Parabolic-SAR
  • exit example => major fibonacci and dynamic support / resistance lines, use the same to move your stop and for taking first profits.
  • if the trade still runs, ignore further arrows, when trendfilter is active
  • SL below / above the second higher / lower candle.
MQL5 buy- parabolic-sar-plus for 79 forex-index-intraday.com



Reversal-Indicator 900 forex-index-intraday.com
  • If it would be just a classic candlestick pattern, it would generate much more false signals. The most important filter is the candle itself. The strengths of the candle is adjustable! All important ratios of the candle are adjustable, the wicks will be ignored. The ratio-calculation for the candle is based on the ATR-value (default is 20, it's also adjustable). The confirmation-candle needs to run at least a value of X% of ATR20-value (ATR20-value from current timeframe) If you like to set a trend filter (ma, pivot, kijun-sen), choose the value and the direction => with the trend or against the trend => signals in both directions are possible. When the confirmation-candle reaches its value, it won't disappear (no repaint).
  • Features: alert, send email, push notification, screenshot, 2 alert-sessions (from - to), test-modus (use a second ind. and set test_mode true, it will move the arrows and change the colors => perfekt to compare different settings).
    MQL5 buy- reversal forex-index-intraday.com

    Manual 2017 - download here:



    Reversal-Trend forex-index-intraday.com
    • It is basicly the same as the Reversal indicator
    • but with fix settings, no additional settings necessary
    • works on: Major Forex-pairs / M15 and higher timeframes
    • works on: Major Forex-pairs / M15 and higher timeframes
    • arrows appear after Reversal-Pattern and when the confirmation-candle reaches its value, it won't disappear, no repaint.
    • The Value to move = 20% of ATR20 from current timeframe;
    • nevertheless there is always a risk, the pattern is just a chance of a reverse, only a chance, please do not forget this,at least watch the upper timeframes, the last 10 arrows of replicability and calculate your risk carefully;
    MQL5 buy- reversaltrend forex-index-intraday.com


    Price-Infos | Heatmap

    Chart-Infos MT4 Indicator kosten free forex-index-intraday.com
    MT4 Indicator Heatmap based on trend
    • please open in separate chart-window, all settings of the chart-window are changed and not reset when the indicator is removed from the chart-window;
    • all areas are switchable
    • Volatility of the last 5 days in relation to the ATR20, calculation is based onD1
    • Volatility of the current day
    • trend-movement of all time-frames M1 to MN, trend-base is 12 sma
    • ATR 40 - value of the current chart (popular for example for SL / TP)
    • ATR 4 - Current chart value (popular for e.g., SL / TP)
    • current spread in pips in relation to the daily ATR20 in percent
    • current shortswap / longswap
    • Max. Position size in XX pips SL and 5% risk calculation on account equity
    • current period - countdown
    • Trend-Heatmap of major currency pairs
    • the current swap of all major currency pairs shortswap / longswap
    • the current day-vola of all major currency pairs

    MT4 Price-Infos - download here:

    • Heat Map   Vers. 19.7
    • Trend direction of the closing price of the previous period
    • the trend direction is defined by the "MA for Heat Map"
    • the heat map turns off all other sections of the info, even if they are true
    • the timeframe can be fix, M1 to MN or "current", than the timeframe of the chart window is crucial
    • Trend direction is always based on the closing price of the last period, according to the timeframe heatmap
    • however, if "Shift" is set to 0, the current tick price will serve the heatmap
    • above the small table the current settings for the heatmap are displayed
    • displayed in X & O based on Point & Figure ( but it has nothing to do with P&F)
    • Shift = 1 => previous day; Shift => number of closed periods before the current period, according to the "timeframe heatmap"
    • hot - the strongest bullish and bearish currency will be marked
    • b|b - bullish | bearish, is the trend strength that I calculate depending on the trend direction compared to other currencies



    gapindicator forex-index-intraday.com

    Vers. 19.01

    • closure or not, here you can quickly get an overview of an instrument, how reliable the gap might be
    • reference of the gap is the ATR
    • all details can be set individually

    MT4 Gap-Indicator - download here:

    Tools from other programmers,  ... very useful tools, that I use every day

    Tools from other programmers,
     ... very useful tools, that I use every day

    Linker Chhart youTube forex-index-intraday.com

    Linker charts master  Version 4.0 - 2017.09.15

    • it is a wonderful tool, that I use every day
    • copies objects and symbols in all open charts

        read more ... 

    linkerchartsmaster on forex-index-intraday.com

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