forex-signals homemade

... Forex-Signals homemade, trust yourself !

"No more Trading-Signals" - only in my blog !

Posts come from my MT4 indicator Momentum-Solo, the posts are no real trading-signals and for demonstration-use only, to show possibilities and potential of the indicator.

With a simple email from the Metatrader4 you can provide a blog, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networks. With the MT4 indicator Momentum Solo, you can even send 2 emails with different content for each alert.

As simple as the publishing might be, the more dangerous it is if someone does not know how to deal with it. This is also the reason for this post, because I've recently received posts from a client that came from my, as well as other indicators.

I was not happy about that, because I think that the circle of recipients has to be limeted to a manageable group. In which case the posts were published without further information as signals to trade, which brought more trouble then thankfullness for his openness. My client has now limited to a paid memberarea for tutorial and support.

Forex NZD H1 MT4 Indicator Momentum-Solo

The efficacy of indicators can be represented extremely well, determine what time of day an indicator can best be used, here as an example of the Momentum-Solo with various trend filters;

6 ways to post signals :

  • normal screen - alert 
  • the alert vial app as a notification
  • E-mail
    • Email forwarding to distributor-list
    • Email forwarding to WP-Blog
      • WP-Blog forwarding in social media

Questions about posting signals? Please ask me!

Breakout Session Box | MT4 Indicator

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BreakOut-Session-Box 23000 Downloads worldwide,

The indicator is free and can be downloaded directly from your Metatrader4 or via my MQL5 shop-page

Breakout Session Box | MT4 Indicator

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