download MT4 Indicator – FII Reversal Manual 2017

download MT4 Indicator – FII Reversal Manual 2017

FII Reversal Manual 2017
Manual 2017 for Metatrader4 Reversal-Indicator, incl. Invers- and Trend-Signal
If it would be just a classic candlestick pattern, it would generate much more false signals. The most important filter is the candle itself. The strengths of the candle is adjustable! All important ratios of the candle are adjustable, the wicks will be ignored. The ratio-calculation for the candle is based on the ATR-value (default is 20, it’s also adjustable). The confirmation-candle needs to run at least a value of X% of ATR20-value (ATR20-value from current timeframe) If you like to set a trend filter (ma, pivot, kijun-sen), choose the value and the direction => with the trend or against the trend => signals in both directions are possible. When the confirmation-candle reaches its value, it won’t disappear (no repaint).
Features: alert, send email, push notification, screenshot, 2 alert-sessions (from – to), test-modus (use a second ind. and set test_mode true, it will move the arrows and change the colors => perfekt to compare different settings).